Nina Agdal Stars In The Year’s Sexiest Commercial, For Beer Or Something

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01.20.14 3 Comments

nina agdal

BROS. I have good news, and I have great news. First, the good: I hooked up with Regina Reacharound last night. Now, the great: the Entourage movie has started filming. I haven’t been this excited since I decided Southern Comfort is a mouthwash now. King bros Vince and Turtle have been posting on-set photos on Instagram, and I heard from a friend of a friend of my boy Acquitted Andrew that the sexiest girl alive…OK, the second sexiest girl alive, after those two babes kissing on the poster in my bedroom, Nina Agdal, is going to be in the film.

She’s also in some commercial. I think it’s for beer or sand or water or something?

I tried to get Regina to wear a bikini like that. When she refused, I reached around her…to shove her out the door.

lakers bros

Really wish she hadn’t stumbled and fallen out the window. The court date’s tomorrow.

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