No Big Deal, Just Joel McHale Hanging Out With The Guy Who Will Select Craig Ferguson’s Replacement

Here’s a picture that Julie Chen tweeted out of her, her husband — CBS President Les Moonves — and Joel McHale hanging out, probably having drinks or dinner. I wouldn’t draw any conclusions based on it, though.

I mean, it’s just a guy who just hosted the White House Correspondents Dinner, and whose television show was just cancelled, and whose schedule has now been freed up, hanging out with another guy whose network is in the midst of its upfronts, where it’s making decisions about next year’s schedule. Oh, and one of those decisions is who is going to replace Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show. Joel McHale’s name might have come up a time or two in those discussions, but up until a few days ago, McHale had said that he couldn’t possibly take over because he was under contract with NBC. Well, he’s not anymore.

I’m sure it’s nothing, though. I’m sure that conversation never even came up over the course of dinner. I’m sure that Joel McHale just likes having drinks with old guys and their wives. Don’t we all?

Source: Twitter