No, Jessica Williams Will Not Be The Next Host Of ‘The Daily Show’

With Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show, one name being thrown around a lot as a replacement is Jessica Williams. Now, don’t get me wrong here. Jessica Williams is fantastic as a correspondent on The Daily Show. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Jessica Williams should take over for Jon Stewart when he leaves later this year. If anything, I say that as a testament to her raw, energetic talent.

Despite that tease from the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine 2, Jessica Williams is letting everyone know right now to stop speculating because it ain’t gonna be her:

Williams is currently starring in People, Places, Things, which debuted at Sundance last month, and as she told UPROXX senior entertainment writer Mike Ryan, she has a ton of offers rolling in. It should come as no surprise that she doesn’t want to lock herself into something as overwhelming as The Daily Show this early in her career.

Also, who the hell actually thought those were dreads? Come on, now.

(Via Vulture)