NBC Is Reviving ‘Friends,’ Claims Legitimate-Sounding Report

It’s a tradition as old as time, or at least as old as the final episode of Friends, which for NBC, feels like an eternity ago: a completely unsourced report of a Friends reunion, this time from Star Media. All your favorites will be there (as soon as the actors don’t sign their contracts): Monica! Fat Chandler! L.A. Joey! Ted Mosby! Lisa Kudrow! That monkey! Ugly Naked Guy! The albino barista! One might even say they’ll be there for you, except they won’t.

The rumor of a new season for Friends has been surrounding the web for months, but this time is more than a rumor! NBC network has confirmed they will launch a new season of Friends on 2014, it will be about their story in a comeback reunion! It’s still unknown if the original actors will accept NBC’s deal, but the dream of Friends reunion is closer than ever! (Via)

I know what you’re thinking: But that block quote is written up so fancy like that there’s no way it can’t be true. Sure, “it’s” should replace “is,” no one says “NBC network,” “in 2014” not “on 2014,” “their story in a comeback reunion” makes no sense, “the dream of a Friends reunion” is more a nightmare, an “a” is missing after “of,” and an exclamation point ends every sentence, but other than that, SOLID. REPORTING.

Although judging by the Twitter response to this news, 45 minutes of Chandler eating cake off the floor would be NBC’s highest rated comedy of the year.