No One Watched ‘Community’ Last Night

Yesterday’s Community was better in every respect than last week’s, with one exception. And sadly, that one exception is the only thing NBC cares about. No one watched the show last night. If, say, ABC had aired a dumb Da Vinci Code rip-off starring a guy who hadn’t been on TV in over a decade, it probably would have gotten higher ratings than Community, even if, for instance, it was also the lowest rated premiere in ABC history. (It did.)

In its second week of its fourth season and also head-to-head with American Idol on Fox, NBC’s Community (1.1/4) fell 42% from its season debut last week to hit a series low. (Via)

And you can’t even blame Valentine’s Day, either.

Well, at least people watched last week? Community screwed the pooch by not putting Annie in Jeff’s “ring girl” costume. Though even that would get trounced by #nickiminajhair, probably, because America is dumb, definitely.

(Via Deadline)

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