No One Watched ‘Happy Endings’ Last Night

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03.30.13 63 Comments

Prepare yourself for the single most depressing paragraph of 2013.

ABC’s Happy Endings christened its new time slot with demo numbers that were below its most recent Tuesday broadcasts and shy of what Tim Allen and Reba McIntyre were doing in Friday’s opening hour. (Via)

America, I thought we had a deal: you’d save Happy Endings, we wouldn’t call you out for being the halfwit bumpkins that you are. At least not to your face. You used us, America. YOU USED US.

The transplanted sitcom’s first episode drew 3 million total viewers and a 0.9 rating with the coveted 18-49 crowd, while its 8:30 pm installment dipped to 2.4 mil/0.7. For comparison’s sake, Happy Endings averaged 3 mil with a 1.3/1.2 two months ago on a Tuesday, while the Last Man Standing and Malibu Country season finales averaged north of 7 million and a 1.5 last Friday in the 8 o’clock hour. (Via)

I’m afraid I must disagree with Jane.

One shouldn’t watch crap because to quote the great philsoph—

What were we talking about? My mind wandered thinking about this HILARIOUS women be shopping joke on Last Man Standing. Anyway, I’m gonna take some NocheTussin and pretend this news never happened. Viva Little Mexico!

(Via TVLine)

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