Noah Hawley Hints At A Second Season Of ‘Fargo’ Inspired By A Different Coen Brothers Film

Fargo is about to get picked up for a second season and just snagged a ton of Emmy nominations, so naturally, people are starting to turn their attention to where the show will go from here. One of the nice things about doing a limited 10-episode “event series” is that you’re able to get single season commitments from otherwise busy actors who may not want to sign on for an open-ended series (your McConaugheys, your Thorntons, etc.), thus giving you the chance to start fresh each year. One of the not-no-nice things is that the nice thing I just mentioned means you have to start mostly from scratch every season, instead of walking in with a skeleton to build off of.

Point being, SPILL IT, HAWLEY.

The shape of Fargo 2.0, however, is less certain. [Noah] Hawley was naturally guarded about what he’s considering, and couldn’t speak to any possible returns for his heavily-nominated cast, but he did imply that he’d like to linger in a world adjacent to his original source material.

“What’s really interesting about this exercise of emulating a movie, as a storyteller, is having available to me a whole body of work,” he says. “The Coen brothers are so varied, from Raising Arizona to A Serious Man, there’s so much.”

See, now I’m not quite sure what he means by that. You could read it as either “Season 2 of Fargo will still be all Fargo-y, but will also draw inspiration from other films made by the Coen brothers” or “Season 2 of Fargo will take on a different Coen brothers film entirely, like, for example, Raising Arizona, which was set in the American Southwest, and would be strange to do under the title ‘Fargo‘, seeing as the two locations almost couldn’t be more geologically dissimilar if they tried.” It’s probably the former, but still, this statement actually leaves me with more questions than I had before I read it. The only thing he truly clarified was that “there will be grisly murder,” which, I mean, yeah. Other than that, nothing. I’m so confused.

Someone get me my conspiracy board.