‘Fargo’s Noah Hawley Weighs In On His X-Men Series ‘Legion’

Fox has decided to go all in with the X-Men universe; not only does it have the main X-Men franchise and a litany of spin-offs, it also has two TV series in the works. One of those, Legion, will follow the son of Professor X as he tries to keep his multiple personalities in check… all of which have their own powers. If that weren’t enough, one of the minds behind Fargo is writing the series, and he opened up about what’s going into it.

Hawley doesn’t give too much away during the interview, but there are a few interesting tidbits, such as:

  • Despite the Fantastic Four rumors turning out to be inaccurate, Marvel is working with Hawley on the series.
  • Bryan Singer will also be closely involved.
  • The series is staying away from the larger X-Men universe and will largely be its own thing.
  • That said, Hawley says the dynamic between Professor X’s peaceful coexistence and Magneto’s “get-them-before-they-get-us” attitude will define the series.
  • Legion’s struggles with his mental state will define the series; Hawley notes neither he nor the audience will be entirely sure what’s real and what isn’t.

If you want to get a rough idea of just what might be possible with this series, I recommend picking up the most recent volume of X-Men: Legacy, a series that Simon Spurrier and Tan Eng Huat worked on starring Legion. Either way, we’ll be excited to see what results from all this: The pilot films this January.

(via TV Insider)