Nobody Freak Out, But Dan Harmon And Mitch Hurwitz Are Working On A Secret Comedy Project

Between Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz making numerous appearances on Dan Harmon’s Harmontown podcast and popping up in last week’s episode of Community, it’s not exactly a secret that there’s a bit of a lovefest going on between the two. And based on this passage from Dan Harmon’s recent interview with Rolling Stone, it appears that lovefest may soon produce a little bundle of underwatched-but-critically-adored comedy joy.

I’ve begged him to come to the writers’ room on Community, but he has wisely declined. I don’t think he’d be able to stand being on someone else’s thing. He and I have talked about doing a project together, so that every time I see him, I’m like, “We weren’t just drunk, we’re really gonna do that?” And he’s like, “Yeah.” … I don’t want to talk about it… Okay, it would embrace the emerging mediascape, and use us both in a way that we weren’t compromising each other, but are still collaborating, and giving the audience a lot to digest. That’s all I’ll say … I could lay it out in one sentence, but then it’ll be on the Internet and I’m worried that that’ll somehow ruin it. Right now it’s the genie in the bottle, and I don’t want it to come out and go away.

Fingers crossed for Koogler: The Musical.

Source: Splitsider