Nobody Wants Dick Clark’s Flintstones House

Last March, about a month before Dick Clark passed away at the age of 403 82, we took a look inside his incredible, one-of-a-kind Malibu home that he was selling for a cool $3.5 million. What made it so special wasn’t the 23 acres of prime California real estate that it was sitting on, nor was it simply the fact that it belonged to one of the entertainment industry’s greatest icons. It was the fact that it looks exactly like the Flintstones’ house.

Now this might shock you, but it turns out that the 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom house didn’t exactly fly off the market. In fact, it’s still for sale, and it appears that Clark’s estate is getting pretty antsy to sell it.

Dick Clark’s Flintstones-themed house in Malibu is apparently an unsellable freak of architecture — because after nearly a year on the market … no one’s bought it … and now, the asking price has been heavily discounted. (Via TMZ)

Heavily discounted, you say? *cracks open piggy bank*

The house was originally listed last March — a month before Dick passed away — for $3.5 million. It’s remained unsold ever since, and now the price has been dropped by $250,000 … to $3.25 million, this according to our friends at Curbed LA.

Wait, what? You just said it was heavily discounted and now you’re saying that the house is only $3.25 million instead of $3.5 million. Unless that house is next door to Kate Upton’s glass mansion, $250,000 ain’t exactly an enticing discount. Tell you what, Clark estate people – I’ll give you $200 for the house, and I will throw in this Jennifer Lawrence GIF for the property.

Just let me know where to sign.