Nobody Worry, Courtney Stodden Got Her Reality Show

07.31.12 6 years ago 28 Comments

Welp, this happened…

I suppose the fact that Courtney Stodden would eventually get a reality show and confirm it herself on Twitter was pretty much inevitable, but still, I just … I … [sighs]

I don’t know. On one hand, the fact that someone rewarded a person whose entire life has been a desperately calculated plan to become famous for being terrible makes me want to build an underground bunker and stay there until the revolution happens and we reboot civilization entirely. On the other hand, I … nope, there is no other hand. I’m building that bunker. I’m going to fill it with Samoas, orange soda, and bourbon, and I’m going to stay down there until I get confirmation from at least two reputable sources that all this crap has been sorted out. Y’all are welcome to join me, but I only have bean bag chairs and the aforementioned supplies, so if you want anything else, you’ll have to bring it along. I’ll see the rest of you in the future. Godspeed.

H/T Videogum

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