Watch Norm Macdonald Masterfully Hijack An Interview With Lea Michele About ‘Scream Queens’

It’s been almost 20 years since Norm Macdonald ruined Courtney Thorne-Smith’s day in a segment on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, when the poor Melrose Place actress was just trying to plug her new Carrot Top movie, Chairman of the Board. Although in hindsight, all parties involved should have probably seen that coming.

So when Macdonald was asked to appear alongside Lea Michele, currently promoting the second season of the campy Fox horror-comedy Scream Queens on The Late Late Show with James Corden Monday night, really, he can’t be held accountable for what transpired. Corden first attempted to ask Michelle about who the killer is this season, but she didn’t get very far before Macdonald interrupted, “Is it a, uh, do you have any draculas on the show?”

Michelle went on to elaborate on the plot of the current season, but you could tell by the twinkle in Macdonald’s eye that he was far from finished. After noting that John Stamos has joined the cast, who Michele said “is so handsome,” Macdonald declared: “Sometimes the most handsome ones end up being draculas.” He continued, “Lemme tell you something, women love draculas the way children love stray dogs.”

Props to Michele for being a good sport about the whole thing, even as Macdonald took a wrecking ball to her cute anecdote about meeting Stamos when she was just eight years old.

Later in the show, Macdonald continued to reign terror by ruining Michelle’s story about celebrating her 30th birthday at Disneyland, by pointing out how depressing the costumed characters are. While Macdonald may never fully capture the magic of that legendary 1997 Conan interview, at the very least he proved that Norm’s still got it.