Enjoy This Hilarious Supercut Of Norm Macdonald Being The Worst Salesman In The World On His Podcast

Norm Macdonald is a comedic genius. A comedic genius that I sporadically catch when he’s on television or actually doing something funny. He’s never around too long and it’s a damn shame.

His recent activity has revolved around trolling folks like Bret Easton Ellis and Lena Dunham on Twitter, but it seems he also had a podcast earlier in 2013 that slipped past my gaze. That’s where this supercut originates, featuring Norm’s sales prowess with his former sponsor the “Mangrate.”

The “Mangrate” is very real and I do believe that they regret every moment they let Norm Macdonald promote the item on his show. I say this because they couldn’t have enjoyed having their product connected to several dead parents and ridiculed at every turn. I loved it though. It even made Andy Dick palatable. The sad thing is that I don’t believe the show will be returning for another season on the Video Podcast Network.

This of course is not the first time that Norm has bitten the hand that feeds or f*cked up advertising. I remember when Conan was on The Tonight Show and Norm managed to ruin the local affiliate promos numerous times while hamming it up with Jim Gaffigan. Hey, remember when Conan was on The Tonight Show? See you soon, Jimmy Fallon!

(Lead image via Video Podcast Network / Derek Brooks)