Norm Macdonald’s Medical Records Reveal He Has The ‘Physical Endurance Of 10 Men Half His Age’

Jimmy Fallon is justifiably taking a lot of heat for his “aw shucks” hair-ruffling interview with Donald Trump, so much so that another important interview from Thursday night’s show is being completely overlooked. Norm Macdonald, who is promoting his new book Based on a True Story: A Memoir, stopped by the show and, like Trump’s mind-boggling appearance on The Dr. Oz Show earlier in the day, Macdonald also brought his medical records to share because “the American people deserve to know.” And you’ll be happy to know that for the most part, the veteran comedian is in tip-top shape!

“I will say I’m a little nervous because I have not looked at this,” he told Fallon, opening the sealed envelope. “My doctor gave it to me directly before the show.” Of the results he read to the audience were that his blood pressure is in tip top shape, coming in at an “astonishingly excellent 120 over 80,” that he has “the physical endurance of 10 men half his age,” his spleen is “I wanna say good,” and that his doctor “just drew a winky face” regarding his pancreas.

Of course, being that the whole bit was a goof on Trump, who Macdonald once actually compared to Hitler, you gotta imagine it made for some awkward backstage banter. Unfortunately the one thing Macdonald’s doctor neglected to comment on was the size and brassiness of his balls.