Norm Macdonald Could Soon Join David Letterman With His Own Talk Show On Netflix

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Even the hint that Norm Macdonald might end up with a talk show on Netflix is a slice of good news. He’s been great as a talk show guest over the years and just as good hosting his podcast, it’s only fitting that he’d get a chance in front of the camera somewhere. According to his recent Reddit AMA, that chance might soon come over at Netflix. Macdonald could join the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and David Letterman with a talk show, but nothing is official yet according to Splitsider:

“I did my podcast in order to see if I could host a talk show,” Macdonald responded. “And I think I succeeded and have now been offered a talk show by Netflix. All the podcasts were rehearsals.” Macdonald later edited his response to clarify that the deal isn’t set yet: “To be clear, I’m only in negotiations. There’s no show yet.”

Macdonald has done three seasons of his podcast talk show, with the latest season packing in a lot of heavy hitters. This includes Seinfeld, Letterman, Sarah Silverman, and Jim Carrey. And this is obviously not Macdonald’s first time behind the desk, having helmed one of the more memorable periods of SNL‘s “Weekend Update” and hosting Sports Show with Norm MacDonald on Comedy Central, both are just far different from the podcast.

Splitsider highlighted a few more answers from the AMA, including the possibility of his book being turned into a film and how he handles the work of Bill Cosby and Louis C.K. following the allegations against them. Worth time to sift through if you’re a fan.

(Via Splitsider / Vulture / Reddit)