Norm MacDonald’s Minor Film And TV Roles We Should Talk About More

You know Norm MacDonald as Mitch from Dirty Work, a former SNL Weekend Update anchor, and one hell of a roaster, but did you know that he was in The People vs. Larry Flynt, Man on the Moon, AND Dr. Dolittle? To celebrate the comedic treasure’s 51st birthday, here are some of his best minor roles you may have forgotten about…

Billy Madison as “Frank”

You know when you wake up in the morning and the voice in your head tells you to go back to sleep and call out from work? This is what people who take that voice’s advice look like, which is great! And hey, who wouldn’t love eating 30 bagged lunches with Chris Farley?

Man on the Moon as “Michael”

You have to hand it to MacDonald, he takes a glass of water to the face (from Andy Kaufman nonetheless) just as well as he dishes out insults during a roast. Which is to say, amazingly.

The Animal as “Mob Member”

MacDonald plays one hell of a mob member if you ask me. He asks the biting questions, and could easily fit in at any Simpsons town hall meeting. Not to mention that hilarious unlit torch he brandishes.

Family Guy as “Death”

Whether you’re a fan of Family Guy or not, it’s hard to argue that cameos like MacDonald’s “Death” character aren’t wonderful, because they are, and that’s enough to keep coming back… for some people — probably.

The People vs. Larry Flynt as “Reporter”

Norm MacDonald is the greatest fake journalist their ever was! Anyway, he more than makes up for people’s misconstrued image of his intelligence — like he discusses in the Howard Stern interview above — with quite possibly the greatest dry delivery going.

Deuce Bigalow Male Gigalo as “Bartender”

The weirdest part about Norm MacDonald appearing in this Rob Schneider movie isn’t him appearing in a Rob Schneider movie at all, it’s that he looks like he was born to be a bartender. A very hilarious bartender.

Doctor Dolittle as “Lucky” (voice)

I like to think that every dog that I encounter on the streets of New York has a little bit of inner-Norm MacDonald dialogue going on in their head.

News Radio as “Roger”

No one enters and leaves a room quite like Norm MacDonald. And his stint as a lawyer on News Radio is just one of the reasons you should watch/re-watch this criminally underrated show all the time.