Let’s All Enjoy Norman Reedus Being Dragged Out Of A Live Weather Report

Norman Reedus is a charismatic gent with a knack for capturing our attention on The Walking Dead and can talk us into visiting his Georgia restaurant even though his day job brings to mind rotten corpse splatter. Understandably, said charisma can be too much for British breakfast TV to handle.

That lovely rectangle nestled above features a charming slice of live TV on Sky News. Reedus and TWD producer Greg Nicotero were by to talk about the series and a pleasant time was had by all. After the break, Reedus and Nicotero were seated in their snazzy TV star rolling office chairs. Much to the surprise of the guests, their chairs were quickly gripped onto by the floor manager. Reedus and Nicotero were wheeled off on live TV as Reedus went from surprised to saluting. Clearly, he recognizes the value of weather host banter.

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That swift bit of charm and improv from Reedus makes us almost want to wish a series of escalating live TV news bloopers upon him. Nothing awful. Just the occasional loose critter or silly haircutting segment mishap will do. We recommend that Sky News consider including Norman Reedus in the forecast the next time this happens.

(Via Digital Spy)