Norman Reedus Pranked Andrew Lincoln On The Set Of ‘The Walking Dead’ By Filling His Car Vents With Glitter

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Glitter attack successful 😎

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The prank war between Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus on The Walking Dead set lives on, even if it kinda sounds like a one sided battle with Norman constantly striking against Andrew. A past prank involved Reedus filling Lincoln’s trailer with chickens, and it looks like things are only getting worse for the actor playing Rick in season seven because this latest prank involves … glitter!

That’s right, Norman Reedus went nuclear and put glitter in all the vents of Andrew Lincoln’s car. Keep in mind the temperature down on The Walking Dead set regularly sits in the mid-’90s, so the AC is probably cranked, resulting in a glitter snowstorm in Lincoln’s car.

On the plus side, this prank probably means both Reedus and Lincoln are still alive on the show and made it past Negan’s baseball bat murder set for the season seven premiere. Unless, of course, Norman just continues to hang around the set specifically to torture poor Andrew and pull more evil pranks on the British actor.

This would be the perfect prank to leave the show with, too… every time Lincoln turns up the air conditioning, a few extra flakes of glitter are bound to come floating out of the vents. That stuff never goes away completely. If I was Rick, I’d get used to fishing glitter out of my beard or start shopping for a new car. Plotting revenge sounds good too, of course.

Here’s Norman Reedus talking about past prank incidents from earlier this year: