Norman Reedus & Greg Nicotero Of ‘Walking Dead’ Fame Are Opening A Restaurant

Norman Reedus is not a meal. This is something the lurching hordes of zombies on The Walking Dead disagree with and the same can be said for select crazed fans of the AMC program. That said, he can help those with hunger pangs. Said help doesn’t involve riding a motorcycle across America flinging pizzas through people’s windows, but fans will likely dig what he has in store anyway.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Reedus and Walking Dead director/producer/effects marvel Greg Nicotero will be opening a restaurant in Senoia, Georgia. The location is a natural fit because the show films in the area and why shouldn’t Senoia, Georgia have celebrity restauranteurs serving meals in their town? (Aside from Zac Brown having to close up shop there.) There’s no law against it, plus merchandise for the joint is already done up.

Care for a peek at the exterior? Of course you would.

Full points awarded for the sensible restaurant name. It hasn’t been revealed what type of cuisine will be served at the eatery, but that puzzle will likely be sorted out when they open sometime this summer. Any menu suggestions? Share your thoughts in the comments.

(via Entertainment Weekly)