Norman Reedus Knows That ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Ruthless And ‘Rips Your Guts Out’

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Norman Reedus (also known as your zombie apocalypse boyfriend, Daryl Dixon) knows what it’s like to see your friends fake-die on The Walking Dead. He’s been with the show since the beginning and has seen the cast shrink and evolve multiple times. But even for OGs like Reedus, shocking character deaths are still shocking and heartbreaking. You know, like the character death of another TWD veteran that may or may not have actually happened. Concerning that, Reedus told Speakeasy:

“I was in that episode and I watched that episode and I was like how could they do that! I had the same feeling, trust me. That’s our show. That’s what we do. We rip your guts out — literally.”

And naturally, he has no further information on what really happened because if he revealed something ahead of time, he’d probably be getting ready for his own character death. I’m just kidding. They’d never kill off Daryl. At least that’s what I, along with other Reedus fans, keep telling myself. But is something going to happen that he can tell us about? As usual, we have the requisite “stuff is gonna happen and it’s gonna be wild, but that’s all I’m legally permitted to say at this point in time” quote:

“It’s really entered a mature level of storytelling this time,” he says. “Little tiny things mean so much later. You really have to pay attention to everything. The acting is so on point, the directing is so on point. I feel like [showrunner] Scott [Gimple] is really leading the team to the Super Bowl.”

You hear that? Pay attention to things! Little things! It’s time to take your favorite nitpicky bloggers seriously because that way, you’ll be the most prepared and informed. Thus spake the Reedus.

Source: Speakeasy