Now ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Is Being Targeted By ‘Unauthorized’ ’90s Sitcom Movies

We begged television executives not to make any spin-off shows about certain characters last September. First name on the list? Beverly Hills, 90210‘s Donna Martin, played by Tori Spelling — who just so happened to be the daughter of show producer, Aaron Spelling.

Welp, it’s not quite a spin-off, but E! News reports that Lifetime is putting together another one of the network’s unauthorized treatments for the famous ’90s teen drama. Yes, from the same harbinger of such apocalyptic titles as The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story and the upcoming Unauthorized Full House Story comes the story of yet another goddamn hellacious Hollywood set:

According to Lifetime, The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story “will show the roller coaster ride of the program’s first four seasons, highlighting the drama between cast members and producers both on and off-set, including the series’ journey from several near-cancellations to its massive success and imprint in the cultural zeitgeist and lasting impression it has made on millions of people to this day.”

You know what? Saved by the Bell wasn’t so bad as, you know, young actors plus lots of money, sex and blow almost always equals Lifetime-worth drama. And while Full House hits a little higher on the I-actually-give-a-sh*t-o-meter, I never really watched Keeping Up with the Spellings (and Friends). I’m not mad.

In fact, I’m actually looking forward to it a little bit. Mainly, if anything, because I have a theory that Tori Spelling is secretly involved. Since True Tori did so amazingly bad, how else is she going to earn some money?

(Via E! News)