02.22.10 9 years ago 27 Comments

Between the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” tattoo, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man tattoo, and breasts, this girl is a nerd’s wet dream. However, I can’t say I agree with the placement. She should have gotten it on her inner thigh so that her lovers could come up with witty things for Joel/Mike to say. “Whoa, look at that vagina!” “AAAGGHH it’s a hairy monster!” “Captain, we found the source of the smell.”

If none of this makes any sense to you, you can join the commenters at Reddit, who were all saying things like “Hurrr that’s going to become a blurry black smudge after she has children” or “I’m only 12 years old; I don’t get it.” And that’s just sad. I mean, I know the American school system is behind other countries’, but I was shocked to learn that “MST3K” isn’t part of the curriculum.

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