04.15.09 10 years ago 9 Comments

This is a picture of a man blowing up squirrels.  The Rodenator is a special machine designed to eradicate burrowing animals, and it will be used on the overabundant squatters of Spokane’s parks (emphasis added):

The Finch Arboretum is being overrun by ground squirrels, and Spokane Parks and Recreation is bringing in some special artillery…

The Rodenator Pro pumps propane and oxygen into the tunnels of squirrels, then sends an electric spark that causes an explosion. The shock waves kill the squirrels and collapse their tunnels – but in a humane way, the agency said.

Incidentally, I saw Humane Shock Wave Death at Music Hall of Williamsburg when they opened for MGMT.

Seriously, though: tell me you wouldn’t watch “Squirrel Hunters 911!” or “Parks and Recreation: Animal Detonation.” This is a slam dunk of a reality show on Spike or Discovery or Fox.  Or the Playboy Channel.  What?  Am I the only one who gets an erection from squirrels getting blown up?

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