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Jerks like me have a tendency to say mean things about “Gossip Girl,” just because it’s a Josh Schwartz teen soap that gets way more press than its small audience warrants.  For example, the show landed the cover of this week’s Rolling Stone, with a feature about hanging out with the sexy young actors and a mildly distracting photo shoot.  From RS’s Rock & Roll Daily:

To get the dirt on what it’s like starring as beautiful young people in New York while being beautiful young people in New York, Jason Gay hung out with the cast on set and after hours…

“It’s not a conventional TV hit in terms of viewership. Its numbers are low and it loses to stuff like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, a far more wholesome show that runs on cable,” Gay says. “But in terms of having a ‘moment,’ however you want to define it, GG definitely is having one.”

Just between you and me and the Internet, that “moment” is Blake Lively’s boobs.  Good Lord.  C’mon, even you ladies have to admit that those are just spectacular.  It’s like a Monet and a solar eclipse mated and gave birth to boobs.

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