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Oh, screw this. Today, Yahoo TV published TV Guide’s list of ten “bubble shows” — that is, low-rated shows that risk cancellation — and the first show they mention is NBC’s brilliant “Community.” Here are Yahoo’s pros and cons:

The Good News: Thanks to healthy DVD sales, the show has gained some new fans and good word-of-mouth, particularly about last season’s paintball episode. It’s nestled in a comedy block that does well among the younger 18-to-49 demographic that advertisers love so much.

The Bad News: Comedians call it taking the bullet when you’re the first act of the night, and that’s what “Community” is doing as it tries to warm up the Thursday audience. It’s currently hovering around 4.8 million viewers, far fewer than the new show “Outsourced,” which has benefited from following “The Office.” “Community” is a lot funnier than “Outsourced,” but since when has that ever counted for anything?

First of all, a big caveat: this is the first I’ve heard — at all — of “Community” being a bubble show, so far all we know this is the work of Jamie Mottram’s evil SEO robots.

That said, if — IF — “Community” is under the gun, it’s a goddamn crying shame. This is the best network ensemble comedy since “Arrested Development,” but unlike “AD,” “Community’s” humor is broader and less dependent on awkward moments for laughs. In other words, it SHOULD have an audience. I swear, if NBC cancels “Community,” I’m gonna be so mad that I’ll… I’ll… write a REALLY ANGRY BLOG POST! That’ll show ’em.

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