Lena Dunham Is Now Openly Fantasizing About Barack Obama’s Ass In Public

11.05.12 55 Comments

As you may have heard, polarizing millennial Lena Dunham is supporting Barack Obama in tomorrow’s election. She let her feelings be known in a sexxxy ad she cut for the Obama campaign that led to some conservatives insinuating that she was an angel of Satan, if not Satan himself in disguise.

Apparently, that public display of affection for Obama wasn’t enough for Dunham, who has now taken to Twitter to openly lust for the president’s ass. It’s like she’s begging to be Obama’s second term Monica Lewinski or something.

JFK had Marilyn Monroe purring for him in public, Obama has Lena Dunham’s thinly veiled flirtations. +1 JFK.

(Via Hypervocal)

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