The History Channel’s Version Of Satan Sure Looks A Lot Like Obama

Yesterday afternoon famous Alaskan Sarah Palin tweeted out praise for the episode of The Bible that would be airing later in the night, writing, “Looking forward to the next episode of “The Bible” tonight at 8/7c on the History Channel. It’s pretty amazing.” Perhaps she had advanced notice that an aged version of President Obama would be making a cameo as Satan?

As you can see above, dude looks just like the president — aka the man many wingnuts believe is the Anti-Christ or something.

Reality TV producer Mark Burnett — the guy behind the miniseries that retells stories from the scriptures in a scripted format, from Genesis through to the book of Revelation — is on record as saying that God helped create the series, so let’s just assume that the resemblance was intentional. DANG HOLLYWOOD LIBERALS!!!