Of Course Conan Had To Ask Dr. Phil What He Thought About The Naked Celebrity Photo Leak

Pretty much everyone gave their opinion on The Fappening or Great Celebrity Photo Hack Leak Slip Cloud Heist Of 2014, everyone but Dr. Phil. Conan made sure to ask his directly about it and his response was something to the point, Southern, blue collar, and what the f*ck ever you want to throw out there pertaining to “common sense.” I guess.

Then Conan cut himself down a bit by claiming he would break the phone if he took naked selfies. He then broke my brain by putting this on the screen:

This just makes me miss The Crocodile Hunter a lot. If he were still around, we’d have some segment with him fighting some guy dressed as a mutated outback scorpion. I’d be happy as hell see that instead of Fake Dr. Phil’s blurry fungus crotch.

(Via Team Coco)