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Never mind that TLC already has “18 Kids and Counting” and “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” TLC still craves MORE PROGRAMMING ABOUT LOTS OF CHILDREN!!! Both of those shows started as individual documentaries on TLC, so we may one day live in a world with a show about Mormon quintuplets:

LDS parents Jayson, 35, and Rachelle, 34, Wilkinson of Cedar Park, Texas, agreed to let TLC follow their family through a “typical” day, with special focus on quintuplets Kassidy, Kaydence, Kyndall, Rustin and Ryder, for a documentary called “Multitude of Multiples” which aired Aug. 30.

The documentary presented two other families — the Carpios and the Tabbs — but their stories focused more on the dangers and the emotional drama involved in giving birth to multiples.

Rachelle felt this aspect was important to include in any depiction of families with multiples. “People shouldn’t have a distorted view. They need to know that there are real risks involved (in giving birth to multiples),” she said.

I hope people also realize the real risks involved in being Mormon, too. Don’t get me wrong, those are probably some of the nicest people on the planet. A little too nice. Like the alternate world people in Coraline. Sure, you can be a Mormon. Just let them sew buttons over your eyes.

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