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On Saturday night, Blake Lively and Kenan Thompson performed in a sketch that made fun of the unfolding Tiger Woods story (video below). Specifically, it addressed the allegation that Elin Woods attacked Tiger before he crashed his Cadillac. And because Rihanna was performing that night, the skit was tasteless, according to people who get offended for other people.

“We think, had the genders been reversed, ‘SNL’ wouldn’t make light of the potentially violent situation” noted PopEater in an article titled “‘SNL’ Lampoons Alleged Violence in Tiger Woods’ Marriage,” on Sunday.

Female-oriented site Jezebel called the sketch one of the show’s “obvious missteps… when you consider that Rihanna was the night’s musical guest.”

While over on The TV Squad blog, a writer called out the Rihanna connection…“Had the tables been turned and a man was suspected of beating up his wife, there definitely wouldn’t be a lighthearted sketch like this.” [Access Hollywood]

Three things: 1. A parody of something is not a statement that something like domestic abuse is okay, and the fact that female-to-male violence flips the gender stereotypes is precisely why it’s (theoretically) funny. 2. Let’s let Rihanna decide what’s inconsiderate to Rihanna. 3. By far and away the most offensive part of the sketch is Kenan Thompson’s acting. Why don’t people get more upset about that? That guy’s terrible.

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