Oh Goody! Casting News For The ‘Supernatural’ Spin-Off That Nobody Wants.

Supernatural is apparently getting a spin-off next season, Supernatural: Tribes, and the CW has been plucking talent from their other horror-drama juggernaut, The Vampire Dairies to star. In addition to former Vampire Diaries alums Nathaniel Buzolic and Sean Faris, it has just been reported by Entertainment Weekly that Stephen Martines has been cast as a series regular. (Note: I have no idea who any of these people are.)

Stephen Martines, who has been tapped for a series regular spot on Supernatural: Tribes and most recently played ultra-violent vamp Frederick (a.k.a.: Pearl’s tomb buddy) on TVD in seasons 1 and 3. Martines will play Det. Freddie Costa, a world-weary Chicago cop who serves as a mentor to main character Ennis (Lucien Laviscount) but is also secretly on the payroll of one of the city’s most powerful monster families.

As previously reported, the spin-off, which will air as an episode of Supernatural on April 29, will tell the story of warring Chicago-area monster families and follow a new hunter’s (Laviscount) quest to stop the fighting and rid the city of all things supernatural.

Well this sounds mind-numbingly stupid, which means that more than likely it will be a super gigantic hit for the CW. Supernatural itself just got picked up for Season Ten, for christsakes, because someone out there really hates me. What started out as actually like a legitimately good, scary and solid series for the first five seasons — Supernatural went off the rails, which is putting it very lightly — after series creator Eric Kripke stepped down as showrunner, and has been dumber than a bowl of mice ever since. It’s a show that I used to watch as a guilty pleasure and now I hate watch it and then hate myself for hate watching it and then I drink. So for the sake of my liver, I’m thinking I should probably avoid this spinoff at all costs.

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