Oh Hell No

11.15.10 7 years ago 22 Comments

I try not to make my sports blogging past (or present) a big part of the agenda here at Warming Glow, but this atrocity cannot be ignored: the life of ESPN Radio host/indignant plagiarist/casual racist Colin Cowherd will be made into a television show, and it’s NOT going to be a documentary called “Biggest Assh*les in America.” It’s going to be a sitcom. On CBS, of course.

Cowherd drew blogger outrage a few years ago after using a Web site’s comedy bit without credit, then writing back to the author, “WE WERE SENT IT….WE HAD NO IDEA..BUT THE INCESSANT WHINING…MEANS I WON’T GIVE YOU CREDIT NOW..GET OVER IT.”

Earlier this year, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco bashed the host on Twitter after the player was singled out by Cowherd when noting “70% of the NFL and NBA players are broke within five years of retirement.” Ochocinco wrote that Cowherd should “just say I don’t like this black guy.” [THR]

Most recently, Cowherd excoriated Washington Wizards rookie phenom John Wall because he danced during his player intro before lighting up the 76ers with a triple-double, then followed that up by saying Wall wouldn’t be a success because he grew up without a father.

Basically, Cowherd’s an unapologetic dickhead whose not-even-thinly veiled racism degrades the intellect of his listeners, whether they’re listening to agree or to get pissed off. In short, the sitcom will be a hit for CBS. Thanks, America!

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