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Dennis Haskins, whom we all remember as Mr. Belding on “Saved by the Bell” (probably because he still calls himself Mr. Belding), is releasing an album of him singing karaoke songs.

This CD/DVD combo package contains an audio CD with 7 karaoke songs [see track list below]. The purchaser can choose to sing along with Dennis,

Lucky us.

or sing solo to the additional instrumental tracks. The CD can be placed into a CD-G karaoke machine and lyrics will appear on the screen. The DVD contains interviews with artist and producer Dennis Haskins and behind the scenes footage of recording the project.

You know what?  I was all set to tear him to shreds for this, because it’s pretty pitiful to make a career out of clinging to your place in pop culture history — c’mon, at least re-invent yourself on “Celebrity Rehab” — but then I stopped myself.  Why?  Because this still isn’t as embarrassing as Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls.

Track List:

1. School’s Out

2. California Dreamin’

3. Piano Man

4. What A Wonderful World

5. Brown Eyed Girl

6. Georgia

7. Friends In Low Places


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