Let’s Remember The Time Megan Mullally And John Goodman Starred Together In A 1980s McDonalds Commercial

Here are Emmy award winning actors Megan Mullally And John Goodman (who himself went on to star in a number of critically acclaimed films) starring together in a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin commercial from 1980-something, because no actor, no matter who they are, is above shilling eggs and cheese on an English Muffin at the star of their career. A couple of takeaways, here:

– 1980s Megan Mullally eerily reminds me of present day Alison Brie. Does this mean that Alison Brie will continue to get exponentially more awesome as she ages, as has been the case with Megan Mullally?

– Is it me or does a 1980s Egg McMuffin not look completely unappetizing? Maybe it’s the way they’re actually buttering the muffin and cracking the egg, which looks like something I could reasonably make of my own volition.

– John Goodman knows how to make love to an Egg McMuffin. Consider this method acting for the lifetime of “portly guy” roles 1980s John Goodman has ahead of him.