11.05.09 8 years ago 14 Comments

This clip is showing up all over the Internet, and for good reason: it is AMAZING. It’s a man doing the mambo with his Labrador retriever on Univision’s “Don Francisco Presenta.” And praise the Lord, because the dog is wearing a dress. But it’s not just some sight gag. It’s not like some guy taught his dog to stand on its hind legs and walk in a circle.  This is a fully choreographed number with a lift and turns and all sorts of crap that just blows my mind. That bitch is good.

Seriously, Mambo Dog is barely even a real dog. She’s more like a dog character in a Disney straight-to-DVD movie called So You Think You Can Pant. She does things like use the toilet and eat at the table, and she’s voiced by a sassy Sofia Vergara. Watch out, she’s got a fiery Latin temper!

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