Oh No, ‘Glee’ Is Doing A School Shooting Episode

Now that Brad Paisley and LL Cool J have crossed racism off the list of America’s Problems, it’s time for someone to “solve” our second biggest dilemma, school shootings (followed by: why can’t I buy Surge anymore?). And that someone happens to be Ryan Murphy, who’s never met a person or topic he couldn’t horribly exploit. During this Thursday’s Glee, which Murphy called the show’s “most powerful, emotional” episode yet, William McKinley High School will be invaded by a “harrowing” visitor. The episode’s title: “Shooting Star.” But first, some lolz.

Things kick off on a kooky note, with Brittany stressed out about a comet or asteroid (or maybe a meteor) that’s coming to wipe them off the planet. The eventual origin of this fear is classic Brittany, as is her theory on what killed off the dinosaurs.

Guns, guns are what killed off the dinosaurs. HUMANS: 1; DINOSAURS: 0

Right at the start of a New Directions rehearsal focused on “last chances” to share one’s feelings, two shots ring out in the halls of McKinley. It’s a gasp-inducing moment that rips the frothy high-school musical off its foundation and transports it to a dark and harrowing world. Much of the ensuing action is claustrophobically confined to the choir room, where Schue and Beiste hit the lights, find hiding places for the students, and try to keep down any noise that might attract the attention of a shooter/shooters.

Some people think guns should be illegal, others want MORE guns. But I think we can all agree that the word “frothy” should be banned from the English language.

Some might spot the episode’s big twist from five miles out, but it really doesn’t matter. The direction the show’s writers take prevents “Shooting Star” from turning into Law & Order: Lima, while still retaining its teeth.

HOLY SH*T. Glee has writers? “Honey, I’m home.” “How was your day at work, sweetie?” “It sure was swell. We finished writing the season finale. I don’t wanna give too much away, but let’s just say a bully beats up a gay kid, a blonde girl accuses a brunette of being an anorexic bitch, and a gunman invades the school because Google Trends and The Twitter told us school shootings are IN. And then everyone sings a song by your favorite band, Train, which resolves everyone’s problems in a neat, little package. Speaking of packages…*winks*” “Oh, YOU.”

And finally, there’s a Hot in Cleveland joke from Kitty that’s almost too rude for prime time.

I bet the school shooting is funnier.

(Via TV Line)