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“Saturday Night Live” had an uneven, largely disappointing season premiere this weekend, and I’m sad to report that the scheduled picture of host Megan Fox has been replaced by SNL rookie Jenny Slate, seen here reacting to saying the F-word on live television in her first starring sketch, the three billionth variation of “regular person has an unfunny talk show” (see video below).

Quick reactions to the rest of the show:

  • Megan Fox was actually pretty good, but the writers didn’t give her much to work with.
  • The digital shorts fell flat. (And why was “The Date” with Fox and Will Forte even a digital short?)
  • As indulgent as a third U2 song was, it’s better for the closing credits than people waving.
  • Kenan Thompson is terrible. Absolutely terrible. I can’t think of a prominent SNL cast member who was worse.
  • The writing for “Weekend Update” was sharp (save Thompson’s appearance). Kristen Wiig’s travel writer character represents the best of SNL: a one-note joke that, when executed well, is repeatedly funny.
  • Most people seem to think the Bladdivan sketch was the best (see below), but I preferred the “Live Lounge” fake commercial.

Despite its weaknesses, it’s nice to have SNL back. It’s a great show to zip through in 50 minutes on Sunday while I wait for football to start, and it gives me something discuss on Monday morning with any weirdos who aren’t into the NFL or “Mad Men.” Not that those people are worth talking to.

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