Oh Snap: Chris Pratt Totally Predicted His ‘Jurassic World’ Role In A ‘Parks And Recreation’ DVD Extra

05.05.14 4 years ago 2 Comments


While goofing around in a behind the scenes clip for the Season Two DVDs of Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt pretends to receive a text message from Steven Spielberg, replying back that he would have to get back to him about “Jurassic Park 4.” This was, of course, before he was being eyed for those “meaty, leading man parts,” because as we all know now — Chris Pratt actually is starring in the sequel Jurassic World as the lead, Owen, a “rugged ex-military man” — which means that Chris Pratt is basically a psychic.

For his part, Pratt reacted accordingly:

Does anyone else kind of miss chubby Chris Pratt? Not to poo poo on ripped Chris Pratt or anything, it’s just … I don’t know. Would ripped Chris Pratt be inexplicably covered in filth while filming a DVD extra? Part of me just doesn’t think so.

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