Oh, So *This* Is Why Some People Hate Occupy Wall Street

11.02.11 6 years ago 71 Comments

As Brett noted yesterday on UPROXX, Stephen Colbert infiltrated Occupy Wall Street dressed up as Che Guevara for a segment on “The Colbert Report.” But the majority of the segment (video below) was an interview with these caricatures of liberal hipster scum. The woman on the right — yes, she really IS wearing oversize glasses AND a vintage dress AND Down Syndrome bangs — goes by the name “Ketchup.” Her name is Ketchup. And she says she’s a “female-bodied person,” because not all biological females identify themselves as women. Because apparently saying she’s a woman would be insulting to transgendered people? I don’t know.

I mean, here I am, someone who’s angry at the big banks and hedge funds who led to our nation’s financial ruin. I’ve lost a significant portion of my meager life savings thanks to their greed. I absolutely identify with the 99%. And yet these cheesedick academic douchebags make me want to reconsider my position. I’m thinking about joining the NYPD right now just for the outside chance to hit these people with a night stick.

Yo Occupy Wall Street, hire a PR firm.

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