03.03.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

In unsurprising yet horrible news, CBS is close to renewing #1 comedy (term used loosely) “Two and a Half Men” and surprise hit “The Big Bang Theory” (aka “Nerds Are Awkward”) for MULTIPLE years.

“Men” is being eyed for three seasons.  “Bang” is near a deal for two seasons — a terrific show of faith to a comedy considered a slow starter just last year.

I don’t blame CBS.  CBS is just making a good business move.  I blame America for watching this crap.  Don’t get me wrong: in complete fairness, there are moments where each show is superficially funny (and Lord knows I appreciate the contributions of April Bowlby and Megan Fox to “Two and a Half Men”).  But it all comes via the lowest common denominator.  It’s a bunch of paper-thin stereotypical characters devoid of nuance and created for simpletons.  The fat old broad gives straight talk!  The thin guy is awkward!  Charlie Sheen has an STD!  Oh, I mean Charlie Sheen’s character.  Yeaaaahhh… his “character” has an STD.  That’s what I meant.

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