Okay, Fine, PBS. You And Your Baby Sea Otter Show Have Our Attention.

10.15.13 6 Comments


So, a few things:

  • PBS’s Nature is airing a program tomorrow night titled “Saving Otter 501,” which will focus on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s attempt to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned sea otter pups.
  • Look at that GIF.
  • And this one, too.
  • Hey, do you guys remember that otter that can dunk a basketball? I love that guy. I wonder what he’s been up to.
  • Still dunking, probably.
  • Below, I have posted a clip from the show that has ruined my entire afternoon, thanks to (a) heartbreaking footage of the actual rescue, and (b) AAAAAAAHHHHHH GIANT SHARK AAAAAHHHHHHH.

I think that covers it.

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