An Oklahoma Lawyer Found The Perfect Way To Capitalize On The ‘Better Call Saul’ Finale

News & Culture Writer

An Oklahoma-based friend of an Uproxx writer spied this commercial during Monday night’s excellent finale of Better Call Saul (check out our recap here), which pays a perfect tribute to our favorite morally ambiguous lawyer. Attorney Tracy Zahl, a 2001 University of Oklahoma College of Law graduate, took a page from Slippin’ Jimmy’s book with this 30-second spot in which she implores viewers who have been injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident to “Better Call Zahl” — complete with an eagle’s triumphant screech of freedom at the end.

What she loses by presenting herself in a suit you don’t need to shield your eyes from, Zahl makes up in moxie. And since she’s a lawyer, I’m sure she’s investigated all of the copyright infringement laws necessary that come with advertising your legal services in a way that parodies a popular AMC television drama.

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