Oklahoma Tornado Rescue Volunteers Can Wear Whatever They Want

Senior Writer
05.20.13 17 Comments

Screen caps like the one above are popping up like cicadas on Twitter right now, and, yes, that is quite the hilarious shirt for someone to be seen wearing in an interview on CNN. If this was Devin the Spring Breaker or Devin the unemployed blogger that lives at home with his parents, that would be one thing.

But given the circumstances, this is Devin Anderson, the guy who is taking a quick break from digging through debris and destroyed houses to try to rescue people who are missing in the wake of today’s horrific tornadoes in Oklahoma and help others find their families or loved ones, so you know what? Let’s not take away from what he’s doing because his shirt is funny.

As far as I’m concerned, this dude can wear whatever the hell he wants.

(Image via @Purrrrfunctory)

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