Old Baywatch Chicks Want Reality Show

07.16.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Former ‘Baywatch” stars Nicole Eggert, Gena Lee Nolin, Traci Bingham, and Donna D’Errico are reportedly shopping a reality show in which they do whatever it is they do these days. Reminisce about being younger with firmer bodies, I imagine. TMZ says:

It’s no coincidence Nicole Eggert, Traci Bingham and Donna D’Errico were all photographed together this week — TMZ has learned they’re all hooking up for a post-“Baywatch”-themed reality show.

Sources connected to the project tell us the show will be based on how the former beach patrollers — including Gena Lee Nolin — are dealing with life post-Hasselhoff.

Yes, it must be hard to go on with life after David Hasselhoff leaves your universe. “I miss his chest hair, and the way he sang in German, and his unique scent of vomit and Mike’s Hard Lemonade.”

Of course, for the men out there who masturbated their way through the 1990s (guilty), you know that Nicole Eggert was the only one of the four selfish enough to NOT pose for Playboy (NSFW evidence: Gene Lee Nolin, Donna D’Errico, Traci Bingham). Fortunately, Eggert loosened up for a sex scene with Corey Haim in 1992’s Blown Away. So don’t feel too bad about Corey Haim dying; he got to live an extra 18 years after fondling a naked Nicole Eggert.

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