10.15.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

Oh man, it’s always so adorable to see people being sincere on the Internet. This is old person Millie Garfield reacting to Larry David’s frustration about not being able to open one of those vacuum-sealed plastic packages on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” of course, is not real. It’s actors pretending. But that doesn’t keep Millie from offering her sincere advice to Larry David re: difficult-to-open packages. It’s actually kind of adorable. I admit, I’m ordinarily crusading for the euthanization of old people, but I’ll make an exception for Millie. As soon as my private Gestapo starts rounding up senior citizens, I’ll make sure that she gets on the exemption list. Assuming I rememb– haha, look at this dog using a computer!

[I Can’t Open It via Buzzfeed]

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