Here’s Video Of Olivia Munn Dislocating Her Shoulder On An Indoor Swing

08.19.13 5 years ago 20 Comments

You’d think hanging around with Aaron Sorkin for two years would have convinced Olivia Munn to never be near anyone who uses the Internet, but Sloan, she’s still got a lot to *throws phone at the wall* For reasons known only to her, and desired to be made public by millions of fanboys, Munn was on a swing inside someone’s house when she swung too high and dislocated her shoulder. She put the footage online, tweeting, “Goin really high then it broke mid-swing.BADNews-Dislocated my shoulder.GoodNews-I laughed AND we got it on VIDEO.”

“America,” says Will McAvoy, “This. Is. You.” *flips everyone off*

(Via) (via Getty Image)

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