Timothy Olyphant Was Only In 'Go' Because He Got Fired From A Sandra Bullock Movie

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03.12.13 24 Comments

It’s Timberweek on Fallon, and while I’ll be the first to admit that magnificent son of a b*tch is impossible to deny, I don’t want UPROXX to overdose on JT (have a hunch there’s more to come) so I’ll be skipping over his unremarkable-by-his-standards Late Night appearance in favor of UPROXX mainstay, Timothy Olyphant.

Real-life Raylan Givens played the supporting role on Fallon last night, providing a different look “triple threat” to the headliner. In doing so Olyphant was his typical handsome, charming self that makes women want him and men want to be with him. He also dropped a pretty wonderful breaking-into-showbiz anecdote about how sometimes waiting tables and then being hired for a crappy Sandra Bullock movie just to be fired from a crappy Sandra Bullock movie is the only way to land the role that propels your career.

Things get fun inside baseball at the 1:30 mark, although I recommend watching the whole thing. I won’t give away the name of the rom-com that should have been about two small town sheriffs hunting down the occult (damn your insecurities, Aidan Quinn).

I don’t want to live in a world where Olyphant wasn’t “The guy from Go” before he was “The guy from Go is on Deadwood” before he was “Is that bald Timothy Olyphant playing Hitman?” before he was Raylan Givens. Not for me. No thanks.

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