OMG Puppy Conan

Inspired by the success of the Puppy Bowl, last night Conan debuted “Puppy Conan,” a version of his show featu- OH MY GOD THAT ONE HAS A CONAN WIG. I’m sorry, where was I? What I meant to say is that the show built an exact replica of the set and brought out pup- OOOO PUPPY ANDY IS SHY HOLY LORD THAT IS SO CUTE. [clears throat] My apologies, again. I can do this. Okay. [collects self] So anyway, what happened was that they did a spoof of the Puppy Bowl by making a miniature set and putting wigs on puppies to make them look like Conan and Andy, and th- JESUS MIGHTY THEY HAVE A GUEST AND IT’S JUSTIN BIEBER AND IT’S JUST A DOG IN A TINY WITTLE WEAVVER JACKET AND OH MY GOD I SIMPLY CAN’T BEAR THE CUTENESS I THINK I MIGHT JUST D-


via LA Times