One Former Cast Member Is Not Happy ‘SNL’ Did ‘Bill Brasky’ Without Him

Not only is Tim Meadows one of the longest-tenured cast members in SNL history, he also has the rare (only?) distinction of appearing in four movies based on SNL characters: Coneheads, It’s Pat, Wayne’s World 2, and The Ladies Man. It’s the last film that’s Meadows’s biggest claim to fame, and his most ignominious disappointment. It made less than half its budget back, and according to Meadows, it’s why SNL hasn’t asked him back.

Last night and into this morning, Meadows, who has a successful stand-up career and recently appeared in a very good Comedy Bang! Bang! the podcast and an even better episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! the TV show, shared his feelings on Facebook about SNL bringing back Bill Brasky without his drunken involvement.

Among other comments, and in-between shots of Courvoisier, he wrote, “Sorry the ladies man bombed…if it would have done better they wouldn’t treat me like a red headed step child,” and, “I will never watch SNL again.” He’s since changed his mind to “I feel better and after a Mimosa I take back everything I said before!” but “F*ck them” remains.

In 13 years since leaving SNL, Meadows has made two cameo appearances, or one less than Kristen Wiig has since departing in May 2012. Either there’s more to this story that we don’t know (Lorne has been known to hold bitter grudges), or maybe, just maybe, the world isn’t exactly clamoring for a return of the Ladies Man.

(H/T reader Shane, via Tim Meadows’s Facebook)