One Of Your Biggest 1990s Crushes Is On Tonight’s Super-Secret ‘Mad Men’

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04.13.14 11 Comments
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Who knew Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner was such a big fan of cheesy 1990s television? The Secret World of Alex Mack star Larisa Oleynik answered “where is she now?” when she appeared as Kenny Cosgrove’s wife in season four’s “Chinese Wall,” and in tonight’s premiere a mainstay of the decade that gave us the Pog AND Jingle All the Way has a brief, though memorable scene. Spoilers ahead.

According to NPR’s Fresh Air, Mad Men season six critic screeners are accompanied with a “confidentiality wish list [that’s almost laughably long…[It] includes not only the year in which the story resumes, but specifics about certain relationships – both professional and personal.”

But there’s one scene show creator Matt Weiner apparently doesn’t mind being shared:

You can tell that even from one of the few scenes from Mad Men that reveals no secrets about where the series is going – just that Don is going somewhere, on a plane. Earlier in the show, we had a tracking shot of him at the airport, standing still but being propelled by a moving sidewalk, just like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate, – a film image so iconic, it must be an intentional echo.

And on the return trip, Don boards the plane, in what is a now a laughably glamorous depiction of air travel. Overhead luggage racks are all but empty, just like many of the seats, alcoholic drinks are free and plentiful, the stewardesses are helpful and beautiful – and so is the passenger Don finds seated next to him.

She’s played by Neve Campbell from Party of Five, and she’s as sexy as everything else on the plane. But this time, even as she nestles closer to him in the darkness of a redeye flight, Don the salesman may, or may not, be buying. (Via)

I imagine it’ll look something like this.

wild things mad men

If you want to hear the full scene, here you go.


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